Smoothing Flat Primer


A spot-use primer to give you flawless skin by reducing shine and blurring uneven texture with a soft-focus effect. 


The silky formula contains a hydrating serum infused with a Sebum Care Agent, which covers pores and absorbs oil, and Shine Prevent Agent to absorb sebum released over time, providing extra care for your skin while simultaneously masking any existing skin concerns.


Key Features:

  • Smooth application; silky finish with no stickiness
  • Thoroughly covers pores and wrinkles
  • Zero chalkiness
  • Long-lasting shine prevention
  • Formulated with moisturizers including rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil, and Vitamin E derivate
  • Light Crystal Floral fragrance


2.2 g

  • As the first step of your makeup routine, apply the primer to desired areas by swirling the stick-type base onto skin for a silky smooth complexion.