02 (vintage brown)
03 (ruby pink)

Eternal Shimmering Lip Gloss

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02 (vintage brown)
03 (ruby pink)

Limited-edition. Lip gloss that hugs lips in moisture, delivering a sweep of color with jewel-like sparkle and shine. 


Key features:

  • With ingredients such as lavender oil and rosemary extract, formula is highly moisturizing with a lustrous finish.
  • Gloss is lightweight and not sticky and can be layered over lipstick or worn alone.
  • Contains Eternal pearl, pearl in powder form that creates a lustrous look.
  • Package is inspired by the image of a magic wand. The cap is dyed a soft smoky pink and adorned with a pearl.
  • Free of alcohol (ethyl alcohol) and parabens.
  • Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.


7.6 mL / .24 oz. 

  • Apply directly to lips with applicator