Everything Mist Mermaid White Floral

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Envelop your entire body in the refreshing and sweet fragrance of limited-edition Mermaid White Floral. A limited-edition fragrant and moisturizing mist for use on the face, hair, or body. Inspired by a radiant summer day on the beach. 

Key features:
  • This pleasantly cool and refreshing mist toner spreads a fine spray over the face, body, and hair.
  • The skin becomes soft and evenly textured, and the hair becomes smooth and silky to the touch.
  • Can be used over makeup to refresh and extend wear.
  • Moisturizing ingredients derived from flowers and fruits form a hydrating layer that locks moisture in the skin and hair. Blended with hibiscus extract, avocado extract, and peach extract. 
  • Paraben free. 


200mL / 6.7oz

  • Spray from around 5-6 inches away from face, body or hair and spread gently with palms.