Eye Jewel Dew & Lip Glow Serum Balm Mini Kit Ⅱ


A limited-edition special kit with Eye Jewel Dew and a mini Serum Balm. Add a touch of sparkle and elevate your look.


Key Features:

  • Eye Jewel Dew, a blendable eyeshadow that embellishes your eyes with a delicate jewel-like sparkle. Glides on with a light, bouncy texture for a shimmery wash of color.
  • Lip Glow Serum Balm, a lip balm formulated with beauty ingredients including flower essential extracts to moisturize and care for chapped and dry lips.
  • The limited edition colorway is tinted in a complimentary pale purple.
  • Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.
  • Paraben free.