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Loose Blush Eternal Couture
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01 (highlight)
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Limited edition. A loose powder blush with a soft puff stick to deliver a delicate beautiful flushed glow on your cheeks.


Key features:

  • Lavender, rosemary, avocado and almond oils create a moist texture that melts into the skin for easy, blendable application that spreads evenly and gives a long-lasting, smooth and glowing finish
  • Comes with a soft cotton-candy-like puff stick that allows for a weightless application by gently tapping onto cheeks.
  • Contains Eternal pearl, pearl in powder form that creates lustrous look.
  • Designed with a cotton candy motif. Package has a candy-like, rounded shape that matches the color of the blush inside. The cap is dyed a soft smoky pink and adorned with a pearl accent on the top.
  • Features signature Jill Stuart Crystal floral bouquet scent.


5 g / .17 oz

  • Press the puff stick into the mesh lightly to collect powder. Shake off excess powder on back of hand and gently sweep over cheeks.
  • When using cream, liquid or cushion foundations, apply face powder or powder foundation before using this product.