Blend Blush Blossom & Lip Blossom Dressy Duo


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Dress up your look with bold, matte color with this cheek and lip duo. 


Set includes one Blend Blush Blossom in 04 and one Lip Blossom Velvet in 15 in a pink gift box. 

  • To apply Blend Blush Blossom, apply a small amount to brush and blend into skin.
  • The left side of each blush duo has a glowy finish, while the right side has a matte finish. Mix and match to created your desired shade and finish.
  • The retractable brush can be set to two lengths depending on your desired look. The longer length will give you a lighter, airy color, while the short length will dispense bolder color.
  • Finish your look with Lip Blossom. Roll up a small amount from tube and swipe over lips.