02 amethyst gem

Eye Diamond Glimmer


02 amethyst gem

A new eyeliner achieves a dazzling, jewel-like shine. Add to your regular makeup look for a high-shine and shimmering effect.


Key features:

  • A a water-based gel eyeliner with a fine brush allowing just the right balance between firm and soft to apply smoothly and comfortably on the lids.
  • It can be applied as an eyeliner over the lash line for shine and definition as well as to the inner corner and outer corner of the eyes.
  • Packaging inspired by jewel that sparkles dazzlingly like a diamond.
  • The flexible brush and fresh base provide a beautiful finish and clean lines, without needing to blend with the fingers.
  • Moisturizing ingredients include rosemary extract, lavender extract, and avocado extract.
  • Alcohol free.
  • Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance. 
  • Draw a line along the base of the lashes. Do not apply inside lash line.
  • Can also be used as an eyeshadow over entire eyelid.