Something Pure Blue Face Powder


A slightly blue face powder that blends into skin like a sheer veil. Gives a pure glow to your complexion.


Key features:

  • Limited-edition face powder in that brings out the skin's natural translucency and shine, leaving skin soft and smooth. Can be used as both a makeup base or as touch up throughout the day.
  • Plate-shaped powder particles with a silky sheen are coated in an oil-based substance to allow for smooth and spreadable application onto the skin. Formulated with fine silver pearl powder to remove dullness and create a natural luster for pure, glowing skin.
  • A charming blue ribbon design is stenciled on the powder to inspire happiness and joy.
  • Compact design is adorned with crystal cut design reminiscent of a diamond along with the J monogram logo. Charm holder features a blue ribbon charm. The included brush and brush case are adorned with the JILL STUART logo and a ribbon.
  • Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free.
  • Limited-edition Something Blue Bouquet fragrance.



  • Apply a small amount to the brush and brush on face as desired.
  • When used to touch up make-up, use a tissue paper or similar to blot excess sweat before applying.